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Rag Cutter (Double Arm 6″ Blade)

Rag Cutter (Double Arm 6″ Blade)

£3,557.98 Inc VAT

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Rag Cutter WE (Double Arm 6″ Blade)

Sold out!


Eastman Rag Cutter WE

Used by hundreds of companies as a means of making rags, disposable wipes and towels, Eastman’s rag cutter also has a place at manufacturing facilities seeking solutions for repurposing expensive scrap materials.

• Equipped with a heavy-duty lubricated and sealed motor.

• Features built-in sharpener and button remover.

• Features telescopic height adjustment.

• Available in single or dual workstation models.

• Adaptable to many materials and applications.

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Weight 20 kg


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